Haji Noor Deen

Haji Noor Deen Mi Guang Jiang is a renowned master of Arabic calligraphy. Born in 1963, in Yucheng, Shandong Province in China, he brings an immense learning in traditional thought and Islamic art to a modern audience. The outcome of his work is an amalgamation of masterful calligraphic technique which uniquely fuses both Chinese and Arabic arts.

In 1997, Haji Noor Deen was awarded Certificate of Arabic Calligrapher in Egypt, being the first Chinese person to be honored with this prestigious award. In 2000, Noor Deen initiated & taught the first regular and systemic Arabic Calligraphy course at the Zhengzhou Islamic College in China.

Noor Deen’s extraordinary mastery and genius along with his unique ability to spectacularly deliver his craft to an audience has brought him lecture and workshop invitations from some of the most renowned and prestigious institutions around the world, including: The Zaytuna Instute (California), Harvard University, Cambridge University, University of California, Berkeley and Boston University. He has also exhibited at a number of countries including the UK, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, The United Arab Emirates, Canada, Qatar, Mauritius and Kuwait.

His work has been collected and displayed in galleries and museums around the world, often as the first Chinese/Arabic artist, including The British Museum, San Francisco Aslan Museum, National Museum of Scotland and Harvard University Art Museum.

In July 2008, Haji Noor Deen travelled to Istanbul and became the first Chinese student to study traditional Arabic calligraphy taught by the distinguished calligrapher and Shiek, Hassan Jalabi as well as the artist/calligrapher Dawoud Baktash

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