Imam Khalid Hussain

Imam Khalid Hussain, memorised the Qur’an at the age of 14, In Anjuman Ghousia Ashrafia In his hometown- Leicester [UK]. Along with Hifz he also studied Arabic, Aqida, Hanafi Fiqh & the Urdu language. In his persuit of knowledge he went to his roots Zanzibar [East Africa]. It is here where he took private studies in Uloom particularly relating to the Ba ‘Alawi minhaaj in East Africa. He studied extensive Seerah texts Including Mawlid Barzanji and the Mawlid Al- Habshi. He is well known both in the UK, USA, East Africa, Middle East and Asia for his love of Mawlid and Nasheeds.

He is widely known in the UK for his brilliant Mawlid gatherings, Duff playing techniques and good relations with the youth. Imam Khalid has appeared on TV on several channels including Takbeer TV, Peace TV, and Islam Channel. Shaykh Khalid became the Imam and Khateeb at the Masjid Tajdar- E- Madina in Leicester in 2004, but started as an mudaris and advisor to the local community at the age of 22. Shaykh Khalid Hussain, has lectured In many Universities across England on The Life of Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon him]. A man full of wisdom Shaykh Khalid Hussain’s ‘laid back’ style, wit & humour is gathering him huge numbers of followers across England, In his short time back he has changed the lives of many. Shaykh Khalid Hussain Is a true representation of the character of the Prophet Muhammad (SS), a learnt, humble, down to earth and approachable person.

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